Day by Day Zero Waste Grocery Store, Paris


Day by Day ouvre une deuxieme boutique à Paris

Looking for baking soda and vinegar in bulk in Paris? Or Aleppo soap without the plastic shrink wrapper? What about dried mango, pear, and green grapefruit that taste so fresh, so good, all food tasted thereafter will suddenly suffer by comparison? Inspired by Zero Waste Home, the Day by Day franchise carries over 450 unpackaged products, allowing customers to buy only what they need, minimizing food and packaging waste. Bring your own bags and bottles to the shop, where helpful, friendly staff weigh them so you don't pay extra. The shops even have a place where customers can leave unused containers, or opt to use sacs and bottles provided in-store.

The franchisees are so nice and dedicated to the concept of zero waste. Rozenn came from a marketing background, and with her husband and three children, worked to eliminate garbage, waste, and packaging from their lives (proving that even working parents can be zero waste!). After shopping at Day by Day, she sought to open one in a bustling residential area of Paris- right by leafy Place General Beuret, caddy corner to a beautiful Biocoop. The gorgeous bulk epicerie is Day by Day's second in Paris; the first, in Batignolles, is run by Damien, who grew up in a family of retailers. Fascinated by the idea of zero waste, he fulfilled a lifelong dream when opening Paris' first epicerie en vrac. You can read all about each Day by Day shop on their blog.

It's the cheapest place in Paris to buy gluten free pasta, that's for sure, and the pasta is better tasting and better quality than Barilla :) Olive oil, tea, chocolates, cookies, and soaps are the finest quality. Day by Day also happens to carry luxury liquid and bar soaps by Marius Fabre- one of only four traditional producers of savon de Marseille left in France- along with bulk dishwasher detergent, laundry soaps, whiteners, toothpaste bars, reusable bamboo rounds, and more. Baking soda and bulk vinegars are cheaper here than anywhere else, and my husband said the chorizo was excellent. They also have a selection of dried fruits you can't easily find elsewhere, like dried strawberries and kiwi, alongside Haribo candies... my husband's favorite. The dried fruit brought tears to my friend's eyes, it was so good- same with the cured meats and lovely, gold speckled chocolate eggs with caramel beurre salé filling. For an idea of pricing, gluten free pasta, soap, baking soda, 1L of vinegar, and chorizo cost 14 euro. At Carrefour, gluten free pasta and baking soda alone costs more than that!

Tip: Bring cloth bags for dry goods and transfer to jars later. I usually only bring one or two glass containers, one for vinegar and one for oil. The cloth bags cushion the glass, and I've yet to break or chip one (some people use stainless steel containers or reuse plastic ones instead). For a zero waste shopping guide to Paris, click here.

Day by Day Paris

1 Rue General Beuret, 75015, or 46 Rue des Moines, 75017

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  1. Your blog makes me want to move to Paris NOW :)
    Day-by-Day looks like an awesome place to shop. I wish we had zero waste stores in Sevastopol, Russia. I wish we had enough environmently causious people willing to shop at a zero waste store.

    1. Hi Galya! It was really nice. I hope you get your zero waste stores soon :) Maybe if enough people like you ask for unpackaged foods someone will open a Day by Day in Russia :)