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For awhile now, people asked which brands I felt were consistent in fit and quality, since I source secondhand and encourage others to purchase pre-owned goods. Years of thrifting left me with a self-proclaimed decent sense of sizing and wearability; thus my obsession with charts continues. This is highly subjective, but here are the brands I encounter most often or that my friends wear regularly, based on my own limited, unscientific judgments and their feedback. I purposely left out H&M, Zara, and Forever 21, because I hate them.

Brand Fit, Quality, and Value Guide

3.1 Phillip LimLargeGoodBetter for tall girls
AcneVariesGoodThe t-shirts get holes easily
Agnes BTTSGreatLonglasting- my husband has worn their sweaters daily for years. Focus on the made in France products.
AlaiaRuns small / croppedPerfect Forever pieces. I used to buy these at the stock shop or depot ventes in Paris and sell them in US for a huge profit. I had a good racket going for a few years
Alain FigaretCustom, tailor-madeGreat Not much room for variety but perfect fit for a good price
Alexander McQueenLargeVariesBuy the wool, structured pieces secondhand- durable, beautiful, and wearable
Alexander WangLargeVariesHis silk and wool pieces are generally good. The cuts are kind of hard to wear
Alice & OliviaTrue to sizeMall qualityNot worth the price
And Other StoriesVaries wildlyHorribleYou can punch giant holes in their merino wool sweaters with your little finger
APCSize downVariesQuality doesn't match the price
BalenciagaHighly variableVariesYou pay for the name and promise of street style catnip
BalmainRuns small / narrowVariesI don't think it's worth the astronomically high price tags, but some disagree
Banana RepublicHugeDecliningVintage BR is better quality
Bottega VenetaTTSGreatLooks best after a certain age
Brunello CucinelliTTSFlawlessBetter for tall or older women
BurberryTTSGenerally qualityNeeds to be styled expertly or it looks like a caricature
CarvenRuns small / shortGoodGood for quirky types and petites
CastanerVery narrowGoodMakes espadrilles for other designers
CélineLargeVariesFor smaller busts
ChanelRuns smallGenerally qualityPredominantly well made clothes. The accessories lack quality, given the price
ChantelleSize upGreat Worth the price. Long-lasting and comfortable.
ChloeLargeVariesBest for tall women with small busts
CosLargeSame as H&MPeople swear by their t-shirts
Current / ElliottLargeAverageJeans stretch out, shirts are flimsy
DiorTTSExcellentBest for short waists
Dries Van NotenLargeVariesPay for the label, not the quality
EquipmentHugeGoodThe silks are too high maintenance. Other materials last a long time. Nothing is cooler than the cut. I'm XS in Margaux and Brett, XXS in everything else. Sleeves require tailoring if arms shorter than 23" inches. Dresses hang weird. Buy secondhand.
ErdemTTSGoodCould get better materials for the price
ExpressVariesGarbageNot worth it even at the thrift store
FerragamoTTSExcellentThe perfect shoe
GapLargeSame as APCVanity sizing has gotten out of control
GeoxTTSGreatWaterproof, warm, and walkable, but not ethical
Giambattista ValliLargeGreatI like Giamba better though
GivenchyVariesExcellentProbably the coolest of the French houses
GucciVariesVariesMaking a comeback
Helmut LangVariesVariesThe cowl necks are too deep. Pants range from a size larger (leather leggings) to hopelessly narrow / small
HermesLargeExcellentFor really tall women who A) play polo or B) are elderly
Hilditch and KeyTailor madeExcellentFran Lebovitz's brand of choice
IROPetites may wish to size downGoodBest for Gigi Hadid types
Isabel MarantVaries, best for flat chestsGenerally shoddyThe linen t-shirts are good. Remind me to tell you about the time my husband had dinner with her and Jerome Dreyfuss. Spoiler alert: They were the worst.
IssaRuns small / shortGoodBuy secondhand
J BrandTTS (even in Photo Ready / Maria )GreatFor me, these are consistently high quality, don't sag or fade, and fit well. The Maria and Photo Ready are short- 28 or 29 inch inseam- but the Love Story and Heartbreaker are super long.
J CrewLargePoorNot worth the price. The old stuff, like linen t-shirts and ribbed tanks, are good
JW AndersonVariesGoodThe shirts can be a little short
Lands EndLargeGoodOld Lands End stuff lasts forever. We had our LE backpacks for over two decades. My grandma likes this brand.
LimitedLargePoorNot worth even thrift store prices
Linda FarrowFor slimmer facesExcellentSeemingly impossible to break, highest quality materials
Line & DotRuns large and shortGoodTheir pleather looks funny and is quite noisy
LL BeanLargeDecliningThe old stuff, especially sweaters and canvas, is excellent quality.
LouboutinsNarrow, especially espadrillesVariesMy Decolletes were awesome but Simples have quality issues- good for wide feet, but comparable to Jessica Simpson in materials and construction
Louis VuittonTTS, if a little largeGoodThe Canvas and some clothes can have quality issues but the wool garments and shoes are wonderfully constructed
LoverRuns shortGreatSimilar in quality to For Love and Lemons (which runs large)
MadewellBigMehThe t-shirts are a little sheer and quickly develop holes
Marc JacobsBigVariesI don't like this brand much
MargielaCan be narrow (pants) or huge VariesBuy secondhand
MarniVariesNot very niceThey look good on the hanger but are a pain to wear
Michael KorsRuns smallBlahNot worth the price
NikeAccommodates wider feetGoodHate their ethics but like their Reuse a Shoe program
Opening CeremonyVariesSurprisingly goodShocking quality. I feel like it would be overpriced garbage and it's generally all really nice
PaigeShortGoodI generally have to wear capris to hit my ankle without tailoring; not with these
Paul and JoeTTSHighQuality brand, especially their cat print stuff :)
PelechecocoGenerally small, but varies 1 to 2 cm from the size chartVariesGenerally great, beautiful construction, but because they are recycled, the grain and quality of the leather may differ from piece to piece
Petit BateauLargeGoodLinen t-shirts stretch out (as knit linen t-shirts do) but bounce back into shape after washing
PradaVariesVariesMost of their clothes are unlined and cut weird- buy secondhand
PreenRuns smallGoodExtremely low necklines
Proenza SchoulerHugeMehMany like their bags but I find the construction surprisingly poor. The bustiers reflect a poor understanding of female anatomy
ReformationObscenely shortGoodShrinks easily. Needs more offerings for anyone larger than an A cup, who isn't Emily Ratajkowski
Roksanda IlincicLarge and longExcellentBeautiful colors, fabric, and construction
Roland MouretSmall and longGoodNice quality, but not $2000 for an unlined dress nice
Rosetta GettyLarge and longGoodExcellent wool t-shirts
Rosie AssoulinLarge with long sleevesGreatFor tall women
Stella McCartneyLargeGreatWonderful sweaters, silks, supportive lingerie (for up to an E cup, yay), and good blazers, especially for tall women with sloping shoulders
The RowRuns long, which is weird because aren't the Olsens shorter than me?ExcellentPerfect construction but so plain
Tod'sTTSExcellentMy husband wears these daily for years at a time, and they still look new. The clothes are good too
UniqloLargeGarbageI keep buying Uniqlo at thrift stores and they are consistently awful. Will I ever learn? Poor ethics and quality
ValentinoLargeVariesQuality can vary with older collections
Victoria BeckhamTTSExcellentGreat attention to construction and detail
Zac PosenHugeMehPoor quality for the price

For reference, my measurements are 34-26-32, inseam 29, and my driver's license says 5'3, but I think I shrank. I wear 26 J Brand's, 36 French size, 6.5 / 37 shoe (C width Ferragamo), 0-2 in Isabel Marant, and XS in the US. I forgot to put these in the table, but Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons, Le Mont St. Michel, Saint James, Réalisation, and Mrs. Pomeranz run true to size for me. Free People seems kind of big, and Urban Outfitters stuff tends to shrink.

These are broad, subjective generalizations intended to provide basic information while secondhand shopping. If I'm looking at something online, I try finding the exact garment in Net-a-Porter's caché and check the measurements against my own, read reviews, ask the seller for more dimensions or photos, etc. In terms of zero waste, The Real Real ships with paper tape and Vestiaire Collective sellers are usually open to shipping your items plastic-free. The nice thing is that in France, you can use old shoeboxes to send items in the mail. I try to limit online shopping because of the carbon footprint, but certain things (like an E cup bra, for instance) I just can't find in my size here. Please tell me your impressions of these or other brands and sizes!

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  1. Very informative. I don't have access to jcrew anymore, and I am sad to hear (here and elsewhere) its quality is declining. I have old stuff from them that still looks great.
    Agree with Geox quality, too bad they are not ethical...

    1. I know! I wish they would just invest in better labor standards and stop using bad factories. According to some sites, they are making steps in the right direction participating in Better Factories Cambodia but I don't know how true that is.

  2. I have a Michael Kors sweater I live in (oh and you can wash it!) that fits perfectly so I lucked out, but am so with you on Uniqlo. Recently, Katie Holmes work a great Zac Posen dress on Jimmy Fallon that was so versatile she could easily lunged across a table in it playing musical beers! I so want that dress.

    1. Hi Patricia! I just saw a beautiful Michael Kors peplum sweater on The Real Real that I was really considering. That is a great dress! She is too funny in that picture :)

  3. I really appreciate this list; especially as it seems you are exactly the same size as me which helps my referencing. On a different note I also feel better realizing we are the same size; I had assumed it was my shape that made me not always look great in easy go-to mall choices, but perhaps I just need to look a little harder for something better quality that fits me better (as you always look great!). Thanks again for your research and input.

    1. I feel the same way about my shape! You are so sweet but I feel like I always look frumpy in clothes. I like my body, I just don't know how to dress it now. When I was heavier I knew exactly what to wear and felt I always looked good but I'm slowly adjusting to my new shape. I don't necessarily believe in dressing for a certain body type- I feel like people like us don't fall into the traditional pear or apple classifications- but I still want to look nice!

  4. How do you manage the flap pockets on Equipment blouses? They seem incredibly unflattering for larger busts and look like a grandmother's blouse. For reference, according to Google I am about the same size as Kim Kardashian without everything going on in the back. Somehow the shirts that look amazing on her resemble tablecloths on me. I'd say The Row runs rather short, but we both agree on the perfect construction.--Denise

    1. Oh I'm with you on the Equipment shirts. Even their smallest size is so unflattering for me. She must get her shirts tailored. They are definitely better for tall model types. I don't mess with the flap pockets, my favorite styles have one pocket and that's enough for me!

  5. This list was extremely helpful, and I agree with your opinions on all the brands that I have tried myself. Marni being a pain to wear is so true! I had some very unexpected wardrobe difficulties while wearing their dresses, such as getting off a bar stool. I would like to share some of my notes on brands that are only available online that others may be interested in:

    Elizabeth Suzann - TTS (they have an interesting improved system to accommodate for height and just added plus sizes); Honestly, I am not impressed by the quality of their garments. Although I have yet to purchase any of their linen items, which seem to be most popular, I was sorely disappointed by their Cecilia pant (loses shape and color over time, so it can't be the go-to pant it appears to be), one of their fitted pants in viscose ripped, not at the seam but parallel to the seam, and most importantly the stitching on the garments is sloppy. I don't know if I was just unlucky the two times I purchased something from them, but I don't plan to pay 200+ for their garments anytime soon.

    La Petite Nina (on Etsy) - TTS (they also take custom measurements); Great quality. I had a heavy-weight wool circle skirt, unlined silk charmeuse full skirt, and lined wool crepe a-line skirt made with custom measurements. The stitching and materials are excellent, and they have lasted a long time. I recently sold the first two skirts only because I was wearing those styles less and wanted to streamline my wardrobe. I have worn the last skirt repeatedly throughout the past year, and they look good as new, especially after handwashing.

    MM LaFleur - TTS; fabric quality is not that great considering their marketing about day-to-day wearability and cost per wear. I like the design of the Annabel dress, which is great for travel because it doesn't wrinkle, but the jersey is starting to pill after about 8 wears (3 washes), making it less work appropriate. They continue to make improvements to their design, but I am not sure if this will extend to fabric choice.

    Modaspia: Slightly loose fit per the aesthetic; Quality dresses and blouses that are very fairly priced considering good construction and fabric selection. There are some great classics like the pintuck blouse and Fiji dress, along with new and limited edition designs, and the designer, Ursula, sources some of the most wonderful textiles. Classic yet whimsical and never boring. I haven't tried their sweaters, but they look lovely.

    Also, an extra mention:

    Schneiders of Salzburg - TTS; They get a mention specifically for their amazing loden coats. They are not easy to find online or offline, but their wool-cashmere and pure cashmere coats are a great investment. I wore one of their coats almost everyday for a commute in cold weather, but there was absolutely no wrinkling and any dust/dirt can be brushed off easily. I was told by the store proprietor that I could consider dry-cleaning every five years or so, but that it wasn't necessary. I purchased mine on sale at this gem of a store:

    1. Thank you so much for this, especially for the Etsy shops, I am always curious about the measurements because sometimes sellers are a bit cagey with them. I've heard about MM LaFleur from another commenter. I like the concept but it's too bad to hear that about the jersey. The reviews on Schneider's on Sierra Trading Post are glowing! Maybe next time I visit my in-laws I'll have to take a look...

    2. I've had my Elizabeth Suzann Cecilia pants for over 6 months with no sign of discoloration or stretching. I don't have any of the linen items but I do have both raw and crepe silk tops and they all wash and wear wonderfully for me.

      My biggest successes in thrift/consignment stores are with jeans. A.G. and Citizens of Humanity seem to work best for me.

    3. Jeans are my biggest wins too! Tops are much harder. Thank you for sharing!

    4. I'm glad to share my experiences and hear about other's in return.

      Ariana, I really enjoy your posts on your minimal wardrobe and zero-waste approach to style. I think that most people are actually quite happy with MM LaFleur, but probably because they have a larger wardrobe to choose from everyday. My grandmother has a substantial wardrobe so she wears certain items only occasionally, immediately cleans them after use, then keeps them safely in storage. I have to say that this is why I get to benefit from borrowing items like her custom wool brocade skirt and Chanel blouse she bought in Paris in the 70s. I dream of achieving the most minimal wardrobe, but I'm taking the approach of having an everyday minimal wardrobe while making exceptions for very special items. Also, Schneider's coats may not be most exciting or cutting-edge in terms of design, but I really enjoy their classic shapes which are not frumpy. I sized up one size with their coats so that I could wear my suit jacket underneath them, but it doesn't look oversized when I don't wear a suit. I wish I could go to Europe and shop!

      Laurie, thank you for telling me about your experience. I've had my pair of Cecilia pants for over a year now, and I make sure to wash them cold, no tumble dry, etc. I wore the hell out of them though, so that could be the cause. I just wished they would last longer, because they are so comfortable and flattering. I'm curious about their new silk pants in the Florence style, but it would be better if I could attend their sample sales and trunk shows in Nashville so that I can see the items in person and examine the stitching.

    5. I bought a few pieces from MM. LaFleur and ended up returning all of them due to the oversized fit. They only offer petite sizing in a few styles (and weirdly only in certain colors). However, when I emailed them to ask about XXS or expanded petites, they said it's on their radar for future collections.

      Also wanted to note that AG (Adriano Goldschmied) is my absolute favorite for jeans, and I've been wearing them since undergrad. (Made in the US!)

  6. American Apparel- TTS, but the quality is all over the place. Unisex t-shirts are good since the fabric is thicker, while the Oxford is a thin material and wrinkles easily. I love their winter leggings. Anything ponte will deteriorate with even light use pretty quickly. Fortunately their return policy is fairly generous, though you may have to argue with a snotty salesperson to get anywhere. I haven't tried myself but I've heard the leather is top notch there. Like the Made in USA aspect, hate Dov Charney and the sexually exploitative track record.

    1. Ah I forgot about them! I had issues with one of my dyed t-shirts from them a long time ago and haven't bought since. I think I bought a bra from there once that broke right away but they took it back.

  7. I've been really into Everlane lately. Not organic, but I like the track record. Everything is very simple and basic. Runs small, but I am a weightlifting Viking, so...
    The price of the shirts cannot be beat for the quality. The black linen was sheer, as in "Don't go on stage" sheer.

    1. I've been curious about Everlane. The blog Grechen's Closet is a wealth of info on the brand and sizing! I am so hard to fit I didn't want to order internationally and have to bother with returns.

    2. I don't recommend Everlane for silk items as the quality just isn't there. I was intrigued by their transparency and purchased several items (u tshirt, 2 silk tops, and a silk dress) around Christmas. I absolutely adore the tshirt and will consider purchasing only those in the future. As for the silk dress, it's very thin and I noticed a rip near the neck line. I have to wear it with a slip since the silk gets so staticky and rides up as I walk. As for the silk tank top, after one wear the hem completed came undone! Needless to say it was very disappointing.

    3. Anonymous, have you tried Brass? They are another transparent company that keeps popping up on my Facebook feed. I can't speak to their quality yet, but some of my co-workers recommend them.

    4. This is closer to what I've heard about Everlane quality. The blog Seasons and Salt has a great review of Everlane goods too!

    5. Agreed about Everlane. The t-shirts are good but the silk completely see-through.

    6. Completely agree about Everlane. Love their T-shirts (especially now that they carry them in XXS), but the silk and cashmere seems to have a shorter lifespan. One things that bugs me is that they don't use organic cotton. Since they're all about transparency and open communication with customers, I've tried emailing them several times about it, but received no response.

    7. I bought an Everlane silk shirt which ripped at the cuff. I emailed them, they asked for photos, I sent them and they told me to send it back. They credited the purchase price and I bought a pair of wool pants. Haven't worn them yet. Of note, the shirt I had was from the past - they don't make it any more. I don't remember how old it was but they refunded my money. That is something!

    8. That is really too bad about Everlane, but at least the customer service is great! I think they are going in the right direction, maybe it's difficult finding reliable suppliers.

    9. I bought from Everlane too, the side was torn and the material suck so bad. I didn’t like the fact that they keep claiming they are so good when they aren’t, feel cheated.

      I recently bought 2 silks from Belmto, the Chloe dress and Brooklyn Top. I was so impress that they use 22mm for their silks and they are all machine washable. I like how they actually bother to do a 22mm lining as well for the Chloe dress since it was in White to prevent transparency. I’m so glad to find a brand that sells good quality silk, reasonable pricing and free international shipping.

      If you are interested:

      Thank you for such an amazing post! x

  8. woah, you need your own podcast with all these stories and wisdom !

    Your sarcasm shines through. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this list.

  9. I had to chime in my own brand experiences :

    Everlane :

    Cotton - gets saggy pretty fast. Not that impressed.
    Silk shirts - I have two of these. Do not wash in the washing machine like they recommend. They wear out faster. Also, the silk is rather thin and the stitching is very mediocre. Buttons are hanging by the thread. Its the new ethical Gap in my opinion. Quality matches the price perhaps. They should no claim the same quality as equipment or theory.
    Cashmere sweater : I only had it for a year. But it seems to be wearing really well.

    Jenni Kayne :

    Best silk shirts I have found so far. They are thick, the stitching is impeccable. Affordable secondhand.

    APC : was better quality than all mall brands and never disappointed me. He uses some canvas like military grade fabrics that are the most long lasting fabrics in my opinion.
    Their silk is on par in quality with the likes of Celine. Its fantastic.

    Equipment :

    Linen shirts : Excellent
    Silk Shirts : Excellent. Run very large !

    Stella McCartney:
    Silk : Equipments quality with higher markups.
    Wool : Amazing ! Some assurance of welfare of the animals used. She has her own supplier.

    Cuyana : Excellent quality. Fit is American vanity sizing ! Expensive and its hard to find on the second hand market.

    Hermes Cashmere : Assured quality. Runs small.

    Celine : Runs small. Highest quality and make I have owned.

    NDC Made by Hand shoes : best quality. They wear really well.

    1. Great information, thank you! I've heard wonderful things about NDC. I just love your green linen Equipment shirt. It's perfect. My friends love wool Stella McCartney sweaters. No wonder it's harder to find on the secondhand market...

    2. I second Archana on Everlane - I bought a couple of things 3 years ago. The cashmere sweater I've used once a week half the year (i.e. weekly 1.5 years..) and it's holding up great. The cotton "denim" shirt on the other hand, I've already given away. The cotton sagged and it was discolored with normal laundering.

  10. Great post!

    I do like my Uniqlo clothes, but, well, the sweaters are only good in comparison to the J. Crew or Madewell-type sweaters I'm used to, which doesn't say much at all. I have noticed that, by the time I'm finished with my Uniqlo clothes (which takes at least 2-3 years for most pieces, but with semi-frequent wear), they're generally in no shape at all to be donated or resold, which probably does speak to quality issues.

    I can also comment on the quality of a few Everlane items:

    Cotton tshirts - are only okay. Though the price is decent, I would probably not re-buy. I don't wear tshirts enough to really vouch for the quality one way or the other, but I don't think the way they fit and look is anything special.

    Rayon "Ryan" tanks - are good, don't shrink when machine-washed or even machine-dried despite being rayon and the washing instructions. The cut doesn't work for me at all, though, so these were not ultimately a good buy for me.

  11. In the late 90's / early 2000s I bought everything from Banana Republic--but in recent years, I've bought nothing because both the styles and quality have declined so rapidly. I used to get really good quality merino sweaters and wool pants, but now the merino is thin and the pants are all polyester and icky fabric.

    Dying to hear the Isabel Marant dinner story...I think her stuff is SO overrated.

  12. Hi Xin and Jen! For some reason I can't reply to you individually but I have similar feelings. As soon as I see signs of wear in my Uniqlo clothes- which is quickly- I repair it and sell it. I keep falling back into this endless cycle and I feel guilty because I know the next person is just going to have no choice but to send it to a landfill. My husband bought a few Uniqlo cashmere sweaters and t-shirts; he has far more clothes than me, so he wears them much less frequently. He was horrified at the how quickly they fell apart. For a few dollars more, he said, he could have bought stuff at Agnes B and still be wearing them. I will say though that friends of mine have been wearing their Uniqlo down coats for years and are very happy. I have a cardigan from them that's lasted several years.

    I had a thrifted Banana Republic coat a long time ago that was beautiful quality. It's really gone downhill. Ahh Isabel Marant. I think the French are starting to wise up and turn against her. It's no coincidence there's so much Isabel Marant floating around secondhand. Weirdly I think étoile Isabel Marant is better quality. When the designer Kenzo still lived in Paris he had my husband over for dinner with them. They were apparently insufferable. That was years ago, and maybe they've changed now that they're older and raised kids. I've heard similar stories of bad run-ins with them from more than one person though. A bunch of people I know go to the same massage place as her and no one seems to have a good impression. The staff loves her though, so that's something.


  14. Oh, I love reading your posts...! I always laugh and learn many many things. Plus your topics are always on point.

  15. I am curious to ask your thoughts on Monique Lhuillier. I love reading your blog. You are quite enchanting.

  16. I love this! What a great tool. I tend to feel sorry for myself because I am 5'3" and a size 36/38 (can't depend on American vanity sizing anymore so I just use FR sizing even though I live in the states) with a 27" inseam. Clothes don't fit me off the shelf and this will definitely help if I see something online I really want.
    Thoughts on James Perse, Theory, and Vince? I think their shirts last for years with little fading. I buy these for a fraction of the cost at TJ Maxx or Marshalls and usually on clearance after stalking my local stores for weeks :)

    1. I don't know much about them, hopefully someone else will have experience! I know the blog and comments on Grechen's Closet review pieces from those brands. That is great that they haven't faded. I had a lambskin jacket from Vince once that I found so high maintenance I ended up selling it at a profit. It was really beautiful though.

  17. It was a relief to hear that others have found Uniqlo = garbage.

    I bought a James Perse T secondhand, nice cut, extremely thin not worth the regular price at all but fine for $7

    I buy a lot of Eileen Fisher second-hand. Her cashmere and linen is wonderful. Runs large, sometimes very large, except when it doesn't...

    1. It seems like Eileen Fisher is great! Too bad about James Perse. Good thing you didn't buy it full price.

  18. This is such a comprehensive and informative list - thank you! Have you heard much about Cole Haan footwear? I recently became slightly obsessed with their gorgeous brogues and would love to find a pair secondhand...but only if their quality is up to scratch.
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Nicole, sorry I missed this comment until now! I don't know much about them but I heard they are comfortable and well made. I think they are beloved on the Reddit Female Fashion Advice forum :)

    2. That's ok, Ariana - thanks for getting back to me :)

  19. Is the 32 in your measurements your upper hip (near belly button) or widest part of hips/seat? If it's the second, I'm surprised you wear size 26 jeans. Sorry if this is too personal of a question.
    Thanks, Emily

    1. Hi Emily, sorry I'm replying so late! It is the upper hip actually. I think I've been measuring my hips all wrong all these years because I never include the seat! And actually now my waist is 25/26. I've been wearing 26 in J Brand for years for some reason. Hope this helps!

  20. Hi Ariana, I came back to this post to see what you thought of Givenchy. I'm looking at a cute black Givenchy dress and the material is 58% triacetate and 42% polyethylene. I just did a quick google search and saw that these are not biodegradable and was wondering if you know if they even last? I hope that makes sense.