Wardrobe Editing

Not that anyone cares, but here's how I culled my wardrobe from previous posts. First ask:
  1. Does it fit?
  2. Does it show signs of wear?
  3. Can it be fixed / tailored?
  4. Does it have high value / emotional value? If yes:
  5. Should I sell, donate or give it to someone I love? 
If I don't like it, or it doesn't match what I already own, it's gone. My memories aren't tied to material objects anyway. One thing I found helpful in getting rid of treasured pieces is to take a picture of the garment or write about it. I also remind myself that the item will go to waste sitting in my closet, and it's better to give it a new life by passing it along to a better owner.

Practically speaking, the best way to explain these edits is to document the in-and-out-flow of my closet since moving to Paris, starting with this post:

Sold items didn't look good or didn't work in the city. At first, I regretted selling my Louboutins, but now I don't care anymore- they were too painful, and even after stretching, I didn't like wearing them with anything I owned. I hated the navy blazer, an attempt at copping Parisian style. When you're shaped like a rice dumpling, the man-tailored look comes across as matronly.

The striped dress was playful, childish, and ill-suited for what can euphemistically be called my Asian body type.

My winter coats weren't warm enough for being outside extended periods of time, something I didn't notice going from a heated house to a heated car everyday. I want to keep my current coat forever- it's long, toasty, and over seven years old. I mend fallen hems, ripped linings, and busted seams myself, but need a tailor for alterations and frayed denim. Periodically, the cats' claws put little holes in my sweaters, which require darning.

I bought so much this year, it's kind of gross. Secondhand shopping doesn't elicit the same self-flagellation as retail, but low prices demand considerably more self-control. I wore out shoes walking, replacing them with comfortable dress heels and warm waterproof boots. Now they rest between wears- I'll resole before they get shabby. To see my current 10-piece spring wardrobe, click here.
Paris to Go


  1. Hi Ariana - I'm a new reader and I really love your blog. Your unique take on minimalism, the mix of personal and extremely well researched posts... Your wardrobe posts are very inspiring so please continue writing them!
    / Maria

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you for your kind words! And thanks for reading :) I always think I'm boring people...

  2. Hi Ariana,
    I have enjoyed looking through your blog. You have a timeless wardrobe and amazingly clean and minimalist apartment. I was wondering how and where you buy secondhand clothes? Thank you for your time and I look forward to future posts.


    1. Hi Song! You are very sweet- thank you so much! I prefer to buy from local thrift stores than online as much as possible. I bought most of my wardrobe in Ohio, where I grew up- Second Chance Grandview, Clothes Mentor, Goodwill, the Village Thrift, Volunteers of America...

      In Paris, I like these shops:
      Although I admit I've only purchased from Vintage Bar and Violette et Leonie at sales (but my friends love the other addresses).

      For specific purchases I like the Real Real. I've sold items on Vestiaire Collective but cannot recommend them- I have issues with their customer service and selling process.

      I only shop when I need to replace something. I try not to browse when I'm bored, and I try not to buy while with friends. If I like the material and it fits, or if I know I can alter it to look better, I buy it! Let me know if this helps or if I can be more specific :)


  3. ...not boring us at all Ariana. Love the blog - especially the minimalist wardrobe and apartment posts. Very inspiring. I am trying to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle and your blog is one I read regularly.

    Best wishes from Australia,


    1. Aw, thank you Claire! Seriously, you are all too nice! And I love reading about where everyone is from, it's so nice learning about how people live minimally all over the world :)

  4. Not boring!

    Be my friend Ariana :) I'm an American coeliac as well, living in Edinburgh with my Scottish husband.

    1. Thanks Brandilynn! Yes, let's be friends, Edinburgh is so beautiful! How long have you lived there? Are celiac-friendly foods widely available?

  5. Hi Ariana!

    My computer keeps deleting my comments, haha. Sorry if you get it a few times :)

    I've been in Scotland for 5.5 years and Edinburgh for 3.5 of them! Coeliac friendly foods are really available but not zero waste (!) That said, I did recommend you to a zero waste charity in Glasgow, they might be in touch :)

    How do you like living in Paris?

    1. Thank you Brandilynn! I love the concept of a zero waste charity... and Scotland is so ambitious with their zero waste targets- especially the ban on biodegradable waste in landfills. I'd be interested in hearing your insights on how they're being implemented in the UK. I love Paris, I should have moved here sooner! I sometimes take it for granted but I like being able to walk everywhere and having all this culture right at my doorstep.

  6. Well, our council is getting rid of our large bin and replacing it with a smaller one as well as doing single stream recycling.. not sure how well they will do it...

    I've been to Paris once, didn't really enjoy it for personal reasons. I need to come back! :)