30 Piece Year Round Wardrobe


I'm grateful for everyone who has followed my journey from tenuous grip on reality to brink of sanity, so it seems only fair to give you an update now that I've descended into complete madness. And thank you so much for your lovely messages of concern. I promise I'm ok. Yesterday I drank kombucha that I did not brew, so life is pretty good right now. As you know, I finally ended the Khloe Lamar relationship I had with cardigans, taking the advice of Genevieve Antoine Dariaux and wearing coats instead of a separate sweater or jacket, which Jane Birkin still does. I gave away my espadrilles because one of my French friends- actually, friend is a strong term- hated them, comparing them to ballerines. It seemed unreasonable to have so many pairs of shoes in such a small wardrobe, and white sneakers are just as breathable and summery, but more versatile, less cliche American girl pretending to be French anyway.

A little context: Now I work in an office with a business casual dress code (I still need formal business attire 2+ days a week), hike on lunch breaks, commute by car to work, garden, swim, clean, etc. These secondhand clothes withstand everything, and since weather doesn't vary much from season to season, I don't need a separate capsule every few months. There's enough that my clothes and shoes rest between wears, and I don't think I've mended anything once this year (Paris was a lot rougher on clothes). I can wash everything in a single laundry load with castile soap and hang dry- even woolens dry overnight.

  1. Levi's Wedgie high rise, Coyote Desert
  2. Classic tint Levi's
  3. Levi's Wedgie cuff shorts
  4. Equipment cotton shirt (heavily tailored)
  5. L'ecole des Femmes Oui shirt
  6. Plaid Isabel Marant Etoile shirt
  7. Black H&M tank top
  8. Black American Apparel crop top and circle skirt
  9. Black H&M ribbed top
  10. Reformation Piper top
  11. Reformation Axel bodysuit
  12. American Apparel ponte foil dress
  13. Dior black dress
  14. Dior navy dress
  15. Dior gray dress
  16. Louis Vuitton black wool skirt
  17. American Apparel grey dress
  18. Louis Vuitton raincoat
  19. Camel Dior coat
  20. A Wool Story socks, hat, and mittens
  21. Merino wool turtleneck
  22. Pact Organic socks and leggings
  23. Christian Louboutin simple pumps
  24. Ferragamo Vara
  25. Stuart Weitzman boots
  26. Nike Wedge Sky Hi's
  27. Nike Air Force 1's
  28. Longchamp Pliage
  29. American Apparel swimsuit
  30. Four bras, ten bottoms, four garter belts, one pair Swedish Stockings
That's it! I promise, I'm not demanding that everyone reduce their wardrobe to this point. Because I'm self-absorbed, I was under the impression these posts were about me, not you. Plus I have very little control over my own life right now, and what I wear is one of the few things I can control, so I'm taking these rigors to an extreme. But I don't think my life is very different from the average twenty something working person. I go to work and have fun and hang out with friends and travel with only these clothes, so it's definitely possible to exist in today's modern society without needing a different outfit for every single occasion. 

I detailed costs in this post. I budgeted comparatively more for things like shoes because, at the time of purchase, my feet were my main mode of transportation. Along with lingerie, they form the basis for everything else, so it makes sense to spend a little. Coats are another important investment piece, at least if you live in the city, since everyone sees you in them most days of the year. I prefer lightweight, natural, temperature regulating fibers, like linen, camel, or merino wool, but wear a small percentage of synthetics. Anyway, even when my life and emotions are unstable, my wardrobe remains constant, enduring. Each garment has survived unspeakable abuse, and I cherish them more each day, probably because they don't constantly disappoint me like humans do.


  1. Now was it actually Jane Birkin or one of her many clones? ;P
    I had to google TRX and it looks pretty cool!

    1. Lol I actually know Jane Birkin! Friend is a joke though, I've only been to her house three times. My friend Sophi (my actual friend) told me about TRX and now I really like it :)

      Oh and my former neighbor is one of many Birkin lookalikes! She's in garnier fructis commercials now.

  2. I came across your blog recently, and I love it! I'm also someone who'd rather buy secondhand, but quality items over brand-new fast fashion, so your philosophy on clothes really speaks to me.

    I love the look of Levi's Wedgie, but sadly they didn't fit me well. And I agree with investing on coats. I think bags, coats and shoes are worth spending on. You can wear a plain T-shirt and jeans, but if you have a nice coat over it, it just makes it into an outfit.

    1. I think I have the opposite problem as you- I like other Levi's but they don't fit :( I accidentally ended up with two pairs of the same style, just because I was looking for 100% cotton. I agree about coats, they're a big statement piece and can transform an outfit.

    2. I had my hopes on Levi's 'Skinny 501', but it looked like I stuffed socks into my crotch. I despise vanity sizing. I only wear A.P.C. blue jeans now, because of the 100% cotton factor. I haven't found anything other brands that aren't aren't pushing jeggings.

    3. I love the look of apc and the environment they create in their stores- my ex husband bought great stuff from there actually- but I feel like I'm not tall enough for any of it! But yes I love the structured natural materials

  3. You are such an inspiration. I am trying to minimize my wardrobe but it's so hard for me to find pieces that I like and will fit well and won't mind wearing over and over again. Minimizing is a necessity now that I have moved into a much smaller space without a real closet. You're proof that it can be done!

    1. Thank you so much. Oh, it takes years! I look at old posts and embarrassed about some of the things I wore- now I'm really happy but it takes a long time for everyone to get to that point I think! You'll get there!

  4. That is like a dream wardrobe, minimal or otherwise! I've whittled my wardrobe down to mostly items I love (I had to keep a few extras for now, so that I don't have to do laundry quite so often) and am really slowly adding in items. My goal is to have a wardrobe that fits in all situations and destinations that I travel to.

    1. Aw thank you Krystal! Yes the all situation and destination wardrobe is the dream. I think that's why people like Jackie O and Lee Radziwill were such icons- their clothes were always well suited to every situation.

  5. Impressed you are down to five shoes, the least I can manage with is seven (tan wedges, black wedges, tall tan boots, mid-calf black boots, black kitten heel (for business formal), sneakers and rain boots)and I also work in a mostly business casual environment.

    1. I'd be interested in heard gm how you manage with five pairs as well. Whet about snow boots? Running shoes?

    2. Also realized I have black rubber flip flops which I only wear to go to my buildings laundry and for traveling (hostel showers). Which makes my total eight.

    3. I've considered flip flops but haven't bought a pair yet... no slippers either. But that's a good use for them.

      I wear my green shoes with jeans and my American apparel stuff, and leggings for hiking or exercise or helping people move or gardening.

      White shoes for beach, with jeans, and with American apparel stuff pretty much all year round, if there's no snow on the ground. I like to wear them for nights out especially.

      Pumps with jeans and my dresses and wool skirt. Heels with dresses and wool skirt. Ankle boots match everything for rain or snow, green shoes are great for snow too and my go to shoveling shoes :)

  6. How do you keep your nice patent shoes like new for so long?! I buy expensive/designer shoes (rather limited in choice, as I need size 42 professional-looking shoes), and blast through them in less than a year (live between Paris and London) even though my cobbler is my favourite person. It seems — and this will make me sound kinda creepy, haha — that you keep yours for years.

    1. Ok those two cities are rough on shoes!! All of these shoes did well in Paris- I can walk 8 miles + in them no problem... I don't know how they would hold up if I lived in London too though...the ferragamos and the louboutins have been to the cobbler several times. The ferragamos from wear and the louboutins from wear and children ripping the soles off. I resolved each once and finally put rubber half soles on the bottom even though purists hate them because my sneakers and boots never wore out, which I credit to the rubber bottoms. Otherwise I just clean them and let them rest. I don't walk much now however.

  7. Please keep these posts coming! Love your honesty and your constant ability to reevaluate what is working for you and what isn't. So valuable to me to see how other people do their thing so I can do mine, it's great inspiration.

  8. I love your honest and fun writing. They way you say you control your wardrobe is exactly the way I do to get some happiness in my life at times of madness and uncertainty. I have learnt some good lessons along the way from your posts on upcycling and buying second hand. Sadly I'm still learning not to get wrapped up new clothes shopping and feeling the need for many outfits. But it is improving. Thank you for sharing I just love your blog. Please keep writing you brighten my day.