Wild and the Moon Vegan, Gluten-Free Restaurant Paris 3ème

Today I finally tried Wild and the Moon, the much-buzzed about cold press juice and salad bar that's 100% vegan and gluten free. The lush, plant-filled interior is accented by mason jars, real silverware, and hand-painted ceramics- a little slice of jungle in the Marais, on Rue Charlot around the corner from Le Progrés. 


Raw, seasonal, organic and plant-based slow food, supporting local farmers and producers where possible. Detoxifying juice cleanses and healthy takeaway available via pickup or delivery through Wild Lab, 25 rue de Gravilliers. The creator, Emma Sawko, doesn't believe in waste, recycling much of what would normally be discarded in cooking. For instance, their veggie chips are made from leftover almond and vegetable pulp.  A portion of the restaurant's proceeds goes to Mary's Meals, which provides school meals for children in seven countries.


Changes daily, with offerings like butternut squash and sweet potatoes roasted in rosemary and lemon, raw wildflower-topped tarte tatin, matcha latte sprinkled with spirulina, carrot and ginger soup, and dehydrated veggie or kale chips and guac. Juices include ingredients like chia seeds and activated carbon; if you crave something richer, the turmeric-accented smoothies, chaga hot chocolate, and bulletproof coffee are popular options.


Grab a private table or sit at the cozy communal one in the back, surrounded by greenery under a skylight. Order from the super-friendly staff at the counter. Not only was everyone really helpful and nice, service was quick and they were fastidious about cleaning, but not pushy- even though the restaurant was crowded, they were totally fine with my friends Stephanie and Francesca and I sitting there for two+ hours (nobody was waiting for our table, I promise!).


55 Rue Charlot
75003 Paris

The earlier you get there, the better. Delicious vegan treats like raw chocolate cake and hearty quinoa salads sell out fast.

Once again my comically bad cell phone photos don't do an amazing gluten-free place justice. Follow Wild and the Moon on Facebook and Instagram for more.

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  1. Do they serve to go juices in your own bottles or just the plastic ones?

    1. I ate in, so I don't know for sure but I don't think so. They are committed to reducing waste but may not want to shoulder liability with unpasteurized juice.

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