Where to Stay in Paris

Henriette Rive Gauche
Chroniqueuse said it best when he wrote, "I have often wondered at fashion’s strange freaks. Just at the time when Paris is most beautiful, most green, most inviting, fashion’s votaries are off to some disagreeable sunny watering place, making themselves as uncomfortable as possible in small dark rooms in that most unpleasant of all places, a French hotel." That's why, when friends come to Paris, I recommend renting an apartment, or staying in a converted storefront like Paris Boutik. Visitors experience French culture and life in a way they couldn't at a hotel, like walking up seven flights of stairs carrying luggage, dodging the gardien, and trying to boil water on a hot plate in a cramped kitchen. It's not for everyone. I read once that since French people look like Americans, we tend to judge them according to our standards, expecting their homes and customs to be exactly like ours when they couldn't be more alien. Hotels and hostels entice with the promise of comfortable similitude. Since you already know my love for Off Paris (the first floating hotel on the Seine), Mama Shelter, and Le Cinq Codet, here are my top picks for accommodation in Paris at every price point:

Henriette Rive Gauche

Rooms start at 69€ in this homey design hotel (pictured above), opened by a veteran fashion journalist on Rue des Gobelins. Vintage furnishings and recycled materials are but one attraction- check out Henriette's extensive city guide, organized by neighborhood. Single rooms available.

Photo François Cavelier for Coq Hotel

C.O.Q Hotel

C.O.Q. stands for Community of Quality, with the nicest staff in this colorful, beautiful 13ème design hotel. Inspired by the framework of membership clubs, hotel guests have access to an exclusive city guide guaranteed to give visitors an authentic taste of Paris at its best.

Hotel Providence Paris

If Indochine were a hotel, the 18 room Hotel Providence would be it. Situated in one of my favorite neighborhoods near Strasbourg Saint-Denis, French fashion magazines shoot editorials here, with good reason- it's the kind of place Parisians stay at, featuring bath products designed by Buly's Ramdane Touhani, jungle wallpaper, a cool bar and restaurant, and Art Deco accents.

Hotel Grand Amour

The photo above is from Andre Saraiva's new room- doesn't it look like Hemingway would stay there? Forty-two rooms decorated with art by the likes of Keith Haring, Dash Snow, Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin; an aquarium, library, apartment and restaurant are all housed in a beautiful Pre-Haussmann building near Gare de l'Est.

Generator Hostel

An old office block transformed into an atmospheric design hostel fitted with original Paris Métro tiles. Enjoy the views from your private terrace, eat breakfast with a panorama of Paris up on the roof, or have a drink at the gleaming bar.

Le Grand Pigalle

A brainchild of the team behind Experimental Cocktail Club, this nostalgic hotel in South Pigalle features pineapple light fixtures and leather-tasseled room keys. Sip craft cocktails while looking out on the rooftops of Paris. Looks too fancy? Try the cool, unassuming Le Pigalle.


Chess Hotel

Alfresco murals and green walls dot the Carrara marble-ensconced Chess Hotel, just a few steps from l'Usine and Opéra. Go for the cosmpolitan bar or beautiful terrace and stay in a single or double room in the blue corridor.

Hotel Emile

Situated in the heart of the Marais, the suites (single and doubles available) at this modern hotel are colorful, comfortable, and squeaky clean. 

Hotel Edgar

This petit coin de paradis won me over with their restaurant and amazing breakfasts. Hotel Edgar features thirteen individually designed chambers and a pretty terrace. Rooms from 170€ (low season rate).

Kube Hotel

Actual French people staycation at this Cristina Cordula and Top Chef endorsed-hotel. Located in Goutte d'Or and dubbed the "mini Parisian North Pole," Kube boasts suspended beds and a 20-ton ice bar. 41 chambres, single and double, from 169€.

Hotel El Dorado

Featuring one of Paris' best terraces, this is the kind of place you'll find hashtagged #insolite on Instagram. Stay for as little as 50€ in Rue des Dames' cutest hotel (with single twin and double rooms)- don't leave without visiting their famous bistrot.

Hotel du Petit Moulin

Sleep under the stars- or flowers, or toile, or trompe l'oeil canopy- at this Christian Lacroix-designed hotel, housed in a former boulangerie. Despite extravagant touches like Venetian mirrors and a zinc bar, it's a great value for Paris, with rooms starting at €207. Double beds only.

Three Ducks

The bar and rooms at this completely redone, conveniently located hostel are freshly painted and scrubbed, and patrons always look like they're having fun. I don't have many good things to say about the 15ème, but the neighborhood is charming and not the least bit touristy, despite close proximity to the Eiffel Tower and Beaugrenelle.

The Loft

Paris' first five star boutique hostel offers twin and double rooms or dormitory rooms with private bathrooms and is located in Belleville, one of my favorite neighborhoods. Featuring spacious, sun-filled rooms, an open kitchen and bar, and amenities like free wifi, free breakfast, flat-screen tv's, hairdryers and safety boxes in every room, this is one of my top picks for travelers without children.

Oops! Hostel

Located near Père Lachaise and Campagne à Paris, Oops! offers interesting tours and a helpful, kind staff. It's the perfect jumping-off point to explore Paris' last authentic villages.

*Mama Shelter offers single rooms without a supplement. Enfin, I also recommend Les BainsHotel Saint Paul Rive Gauche, eco-friendly Solar or Hidden Hotel, or the 5-star La Réserve Paris, which has the most beautiful bar (and gluten-free brunch)- like a glamorous private library.

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  1. absolute <3
    so many memories.
    I stayed for 1 night at the 3 ducks, just after one long day ar Rock en Seine. Over there I met this 5 guys from Sheffield and talk all night long. The ambience was lovely, but the rooms not so much. But that was before the redesign, so... and yes, it´s really well located.

    1. We had such a great time Carolina! I still have the note you left us :) 3Ducks gave us a little tour right after they reopened, and it looked nice; but they were working on it a very long time, it must have needed a remodel! I wonder how old the building is...

  2. What a helpful list! I planning to travel to Europe next year and definitely appreciate tips and suggestions. The Henriette Rive Gauche looks super cute.

    1. I love it- it's such a great deal. You can't find design like that, at that price point, anywhere else, and it's eco-friendly to boot.

  3. So helpful! Can't wait to go back to Paris and definitely Pinning this to reference for when that time comes :-)

    1. You must come back! Now is the best time... it's so safe right now and relatively peaceful and quiet.

  4. The Henriette Rive Gauche hotel you mention has single rooms! Is this common or rare in Paris? (London has lots!). Last time I went I stayed at the Tim Hotel and they charged me an extra $500 CAD as a single supplement. So annoying.

    1. What! I'm glad you told me that because I had no idea hotels charged so much for solo travelers. 500 Cad, that's a few extra nights in Paris ! I'll update the post because Hotel Emile, Mama Shelter, Kube, El Dorado and Chess Hotel have single rooms with no supplement. I asked my friend who works at the George V if this was common and she said, "Probably" :) I think some single rooms have no supplement but shared bathrooms though.

  5. Do you happen to know of any pet-friendly hotels (or apartments, etc)? I have the absolute strangest trip coming up: moving to the UK with two cats and a preschooler. The UK doesn't allow pets to fly into the country in-cabin, but France does, so there is a little workaround circuit with a pet transport service. I know we're going to need an overnight stay to make this work, because, and I feel it's important to say this, I fully realize the total insanity of this plan!

    1. Hi Sadie! Congrats on the move! Actually the plan sounds totally reasonable to me ha when we considered moving to the UK we considered smuggling our cats in by car ha. So Airbnb has a selection: https://www.airbnb.fr/s/Paris--France?amenity=pet-friendly and these hotels accept pets: https://www.tripadvisor.fr/Hotels-g187147-zfa9-Paris_Ile_de_France-Hotels.html

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