Chat Perché: Plastic-Free Artisanal French Cat Furniture

Kar and Toffel's disgusting cardboard and polyester cat tree is on its last legs. They must sense its imminent passing, because nobody touched it for months and now it's potato headquarters. They spend hours nibbling on what's left of the sisal, having stripped the carpeted platforms bare long ago.

The market for natural, plastic-free cat furniture is aspirational, and Chat Perché is no exception. They design and manufacture artisanal cat trees, platforms, and accessories from their workshop in Auvergne. Fabricated from sustainably harvested hornbeam, oak, beech, acacia, and lime, it's the kind of tasteful thing Taylor Swift might buy for Olivia Benson. The drying process takes months, accounting for each item's unique coloring. Trunks are peeled and hand-polished, preserving the wood's natural beauty.

Chat Perché's motto is simple: No plastic, no cardboard. All designs integrate metal fasteners and natural fibers like wool, sisal, cotton, and linen. I could justify spending human money on a beautiful wooden puzzle feeder, which is either very eco-conscious of me or indicative of everything that is wrong with animal domestication. There's an inverse relationship between money spent and enjoyment derived by our despotic furballs (today Kar played with a tax receipt for twenty minutes), so with special, long-lasting arbre à chats topping out at 469,00€, we'll probably just give them a box to play in.
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  1. Very nice. It seems that making your own with found branches gathered in the countryside, hemp string and wooden boards, wouldn't be that difficult, and it would look lovely...

    1. I would love to build something like this! The hemp string is such a good idea. There are lots of discarded construction materials at a project nearby. I'm sure they'll let me take a few wooden boards...

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