Mûre and Pancake Sisters: Gluten-Free Friendly Paris Cafés



6 Rue Saint Marc
75002 Paris

Pancake Sisters

3 Rue Lucien Sampaix
75010 Paris

Last week, as per usual I got lost on my way to La Tresorerie and spotted the bright yellow storefront of Pancake Sisters across the street. It's a Happy Dog (or Melt) style place, replete with topping bar, hot drinks, and sweet and savory pancakes alike. Think chai tea and fluffy beet flapjacks topped with feta and fresh tzatziki. The owners, Sonia and Karine, are bubbly and super nice, and pancakes can be made with a selection of gluten-free flours- just give them a heads-up first. On Thursdays, they host Jeudis Sans Gluten, serving gluten-and-lactose free pancakes from 9:30-3:00 and 7-10.

My husband and I visited Mûre Saturday. Locally brewed beers and house-made juices / kefir / kombucha accompany gluten-free menu options- try the buttery madeleines, delicious rhubarb-fig pie, and cinnamon-rippled chocolate cake. My husband said our server was, "Classically bobo," and the other girl working looks like a Scandinavian princess- but here's what I really wanted to tell you- they compost and recycle everything! The receptacles are cheery, clearly labeled, and carefully monitored. Mûre was a nice zero-waste surprise I almost missed because of my prejudice against the neighborhood, soured by a bad impression made by Noglu. There were two little pugs there- one baby, one full-grown- playing inside and everyone gathered around, laughing at them, taking pictures and talking about how cute they were. It's that kind of place. The pugs even tried following us home, completely enamored of my husband. That's a story for another blog, though.
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