La Droguerie

We've established I'm not the craftiest person in the world, but when I need zero waste embellishments, fabrics or trimmings, I visit La Droguerie. My mom introduced me to this yarn-heavy wonderland, filled with leather-bound button boxes and tidy jars of beads. Big in Japan, I'm usually loathe to visit chain stores, but the colorful, organized shop is a convenient alternative to Marché Saint-Pierre near Métro Anvers. Despite a mention from Oh Happy Day, on my last visit the ratio of tourists to French people was as follows:
  • 2 Asians
  • 1 Ariana
  • 22 French people
  • 3 men, only one of whom actually walked around the store, feigning interest in what his partner was buying
I haven't bought anything except yarn, but I objectively admire the leather elbow pads and dizzying ribbon selection. Pre-packaged Savon de Marseille flakes- marketed for delicate fabrics- lend legitimacy to my zero-waste cleaning methods. From Métro Les Halles, turn left onto Rue Rambuteau and right onto Rue du Jour for sewing, knitting, and craft supplies en vrac.

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