Anahi, La Jeune Rue, Paris

Looking for a romantic date spot? Want to impress non-Parisian visitors? Try Anahi. The produce is 100% French. The meats come from Basque country. The white tablecloth-service, classic Argentinian food, and candlelit interior are spectacular. My family came to the US through Argentina- they lived there a few years while waiting for visas- so I grew up eating empanadas, chitterlings, and mollejas. That's why I love this place. Every time I walk by, the former boucherie is full of Asians- always a good sign.


Anahi serves many gluten-free options under its historic painted-glass ceiling, including rhubarb shrub, chipas, fig pudding, ceviche, corn pie, and Ceci n'est pas un Margarita. For thirty years, two sisters owned this formidable Paris institution. Now part of La Jeune Rue, Maud Bury revamped the glamorous interior, preserving the Belle Epoque facade and original ceramics. Cracks in the walls reveal antique copper foil, and tables seat patrons under switches from the old meat freezer. Along with models, filmmakers, and designers, on any night you can spot real Argentinian couples in the crowd, sharing chuleta bife with prestigious Latin and Californian wines. Anahi is a sublime, eminently Instagram-worthy restaurant that tastes more expensive than it really is, and one of my favorite places for a special gluten-free meal in Paris.


If Argentinian isn't your style, try The Beast (Texas barbecue) and Ibaji (Korean for white people), down the street, where they serve tap beer in zero-waste mason jars.

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