Le Pavillon des Canaux


These are the worst blog photos in the world, but that's ok. I have other nice qualities. Like my ability to objectively review Le Pavillon des Canaux despite the glaring red flag raised by their weekly yoga classes.

Le Pavillon des Canaux staffers are nice, hard-working, and attentive- I wouldn't have thought I was in Paris if it weren't for Petit Bateau-clad children splashing in the Canal below. Cocktails have names like "Maverick" and "Jellybean," and each well-priced beverage comes garnished with a fresh and perfect strawberry. My friend Taylor tried Altiplano, a gluten-free quinoa beer. It was really good! The food is fresh, flavorful and wholesome, and decor is a cross between Carol Brady's basement, Laura Ashley, and a Billy Baldwin masterpiece. There's even a bathtub table for two.

After brunch or a coffee, ride along the Seine with Marin d'eau douce or head to the corner of Rue Crimée and Rue Manin and follow Petite Ceinture to Buttes Chaumont. When I first visited Paris, this section of canal ranked pretty low in the eyes of my Rue Spontini-dwelling friends. The hotel next to mine had bullet holes in the window, and some called it the Harlem of Paris, au bord de l'eau. Only a few years later, it's brimming with charm, all hummingbird wallpaper and faux sheepskin and mini neon straws. Le Pavillon de Canaux is a lovely, offbeat way to enjoy the last bits of Paris summer, and a cozy spot to curl up with a good book on the chilly days to come.

Le Pavillon des Canaux

39 Quai de la Loire
75019 Paris

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  1. Ça c´est juste à côté de l'auberge St Christopher's Inn, do you remember?
    Oh, I miss those days. (and yes, I read your blog toujours).