Yummy & Guilt-Free Bar à Gaufres

I've been craving gluten-free waffles for approximately ten years, when my mom gave away her Mickey Mouse waffle iron. Imagine how happy I was to try Yummy & Guilt-Free! The crispy, golden batter is nothing short of alchemy. Dimanche waffles revel in a bath of vegan chantilly. Sauce drips pleasantly from heart-shaped indentations on the chocolate praline. My favorite flavor, créme vanille, is appealingly speckled, resembling guillemot eggs in a leavened nest.

Sweet and savory varieties of these melt-in-your-mouth, dairy-free gaufres come tied with a pretty bow, served straight in hand or on compostable cardboard. They're 100% bio/organic, and Jane Birkin, patron saint of cropped t-shirts and Hermès bags, is a fan. In winter, they serve soups with cute wooden spoons, and in summer, they top waffles with vegan ice cream.

Yummy & Guilt-Free Bar à Gaufres is conveniently located near BHV Marais, at the Grand Palais ice rink, and Nuba, with all food prepared to order by chic staff in Quinn Morgendorffer-approved Nehru collars.

Yummy and Guilt-Free

14 Rue du Temple
75004 Paris

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  1. I can confirm these were delicious.