Paris Privée: Jardins de Hôtel Matignon

I'm late to the party here, but it's okay, because French people are throwing it, and they've only just opened the wine and the hostess won't be ready for hours.

I walked past the nondescript wall surrounding this park-like garden every day, never knowing the largest private grounds in Paris hid behind those stones. Enter 36 Rue de Babylone through a double alley of tilleul trees, up a promenade conceived in the Napoleonic era, to a reception area designed by Achille Duchene.

My husband and I were just walking to the market when a nice lady in navy- aka Pantone's "Color of the 7ème"- invited us in. The staff gave us cucumber water, and we got to try peppermint from the gardens.

Bees produce honey on-site, harvested by caring apiculteurs. Fourteen Prime Ministers planted the trees, including magnolia, caramel, érable and parrotie.

Les Jardins de Hôtel Matignon are open to the public the first Saturday every month.
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  1. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing these lovely places! I'm sure you know you have a beautiful life!

    1. Hi Tia! We live in a beautiful neighborhood- I wish I moved here sooner. Thanks and thanks for reading!