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Full disclosure: I don't have an interesting anecdote for these photos. I needed a new dish brush, and couldn't bear paying Conran Shop prices for a biodegradable one. La Trésorerie is a cozy, less infuriating alternative to Merci, stocking all the nice little touches that make a home radiate warmth and tranquility. It's in an unassuming building on Rue Chateau d'Eau; follow the street down towards Bonne Nouvelle and you'll see the full spectrum of Paris, languages and spices and colors and faces, clustered together along a littered strip of pavement.

La Trésorerie and adjoining Cafe Smörgås already made the blog rounds, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable. Prices are reasonable- 1.50 for my dish brush, 3 euro for a salad- and the staff is industrious and kind. There's a lot of wood and copper, giving a rustic, calm feeling; simple, the way a good Nordic shop should be. Yesterday, they had a beautiful plastic-free lantern and camp bed alongside a lovely wooden toilet brush on a matching stand. I don't need any of it, but my heart fluttered at the innocent zero waste-ish-ness of it all.

My only beef is with the open-faced sandwiches at Cafe Smörgås. They're too small and spare! Do Swedish people really eat like that? If so, how do they survive winters? Impelled by paltry portion sizes, we walked to Marché Saint-Martin, one of those rare Parisian gems which, according to a cursory scan of Instagram yesterday, appears to have flown largely under the blogger radar. Le Comptoir de Brice, en un Bouchée, Allen's Market- wonderful, every one. We bought purple carrots at the vegetable stall and beer from Der Tante Emma-Laden, which carries a large selection of gluten-free items. In a few days, I'll return the bottles for refills- beer bottle consignment, how German is that? They even have kegs, just in time for Algeria vs. Germany. Wunderbar!
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